Health & Safety

At Pine Forest Cheerleading Camp, the health and safety of our athletes, coaches, & staff is our top priority. We are monitoring the Coronavirus/COVID-19 and closely watching official information from health authorities, such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as it relates to our larger community and our camps. General adoption of best practices as advised by the CDC is the best way to prevent the spread of any illness.  Any changes to upcoming events will be based on the guidance provided by public health organizations like the CDC, state and local authorities.


To continue to provide our Athletes & Coaches  with the most flexible and safest experiences, Pine Forest Cheerleading Camp has made several modifications to best serve you during this time. An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. By attending our camp, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. ​Please help keep each other safe and healthy by following the guidance provided below. 

Important Files:

Pine Forest Cheerleading Camp COVID-19 Protocol

We are so excited to welcome you back to Pine Forest Cheerleading Camp for the 2022 season!  It has been almost two years since we last hosted you and your team.  

As always, your safety is our primary concern.  While we anticipate camp to feel somewhat normal, there will be some changes to help protects us all from COVID-19.   Following are the COVID-19 protocols specific to Pine Forest Cheerleading Camp at all our locations.  These protocols will operate in conjunction with the Varsity/UCA COVID Protocols.


Vaccinations Or Required Testing

Vaccinated Participants (campers and coaches) will NOT require testing of any type. However, either a rapid test or a PCR test is recommended. Proof of full vaccination will be required. 

Non-vaccinated Participants (campers and coaches) are required to get a negative PCR COVID-19 test result at least 72 hours prior to camp. You must have the results before your camper arrives, so be sure to ask your provider about their guaranteed turnaround time. If they require longer than 72 hours, get your test early enough that you will be sure to have the results when you arrive at camp.


We will be using an App called "Bindle" on your phone to create your pass to enter the camp for those 12 years or older (Campers younger than 12 years old must bring their negative PCR result). Go to to learn more about this application or review the Bindle FAQ.  You can also learn about the privacy and security of your information at Bindle Privacy.  Any questions or issues with the Bindle App should be directed to  The event name for the Bindle application is "Pine Forest Cheerleading Camp".

Testing Resources

 Below are some resources to assist you with testing. 

Patient First CovidTesting

Quest Diagnostics Covid Testing

CVS Covid Testing

Walgreens Covid Testing

Rite Aid Covid Testing 

You can also find local testing centers on your county Covid response page.  Some centers may require a lab request from your doctor.  This is very common as there are many back to work/school testing programs.  Most of the providers above offer no cost testing options with results back in 1-2 days.  Please confirm timing with your lab. 

Prior To Arrival

On the day you leave for camp, the coach/parent should conduct temperature checks for each participant prior to boarding the bus or cars.  If anyone has a temperature that morning, they should not attend camp until they get another negative test.

COVID-19 Monitoring

All camp participants shall monitor themselves for symptoms of COVID-19 listed by the CDC, including cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, and new loss of taste or smell, and check their own temperature each morning.  Anyone who develops symptoms while at camp must inform both Varsity personnel (A varsity COVID-19 Coordinator will be assigned for each camp) and the Pine Forest Cheer Camp Nurse.  This individual will be placed in a COVID-19 Isolation room and will be required to take a rapid test.  If the test is positive, the participant will be taken to a local testing center for a COVID test.  If the individual is found to be Positive, the entire school/team will be required to leave camp and a pro-rata refund of non-refundable balance will be provided.​

Your Team POD

Your team will operate as a unit or POD.  Your private coach with also be your big brother big sister.   We request that you and your team attempt to remain as a unit and refrain from direct interaction with other teams when possible. When indoors or while part of a larger group, we request that you make every attempt to remain 6 feet apart. 


Masks will be required for anyone who is not vaccinated while in the dining hall or in any other indoor facility other than their cabin, and while in a group setting.  Masks will not be required seated at your table and actively eating,  working with your team outdoors, or inside of your cabin.


No Visitors will be allowed in camp while the camp is in session (Parents picking up a camper in session for medical or personal reasons will be permitted).   Parents may drop off participants  but must stay in a designated parking location where luggage will be picked up.  Parents will not be permitted in cabin areas. 


Parents/visitors will be allowed to attend camp on the final day for pickup.  Parents will not be required to have a covid test to visit camp on final day.   Any parent/visitor not vaccinated is required to wear a mask while attending final session. If the final session is held indoors, we require all Parents/Visitors to wear a mask including those who are vaccinated.


During coaches meetings, any coach/parent Not Vaccinated, is required to wear a mask if meeting is held indoors.

We are excited to welcome you back to camp this summer! Your cooperation and patience is greatly appreciated.  Pandemic or not, the safety of our campers has always been one of our key guiding principles.  For this year especially, we hope you understand the steps we must take during these unprecedented times to ensure we have a fun and safe 52n’d Pine Forest Cheerleading Camp. We look forward to seeing you soon!