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What You Will Learn At Pine Forest
  • Cheerleading Safety  - At Pine Forest Cheerleading Camp, learn  all of the latest safety techniques and gain the assurance to be bolder in your performance. UCA actually wrote the AACCA Cheerleading Safety Manual, the standard in cheerleading safety and every staff member is AACCA safety trained. You will leave camp with the confidence to perform your best ever.

  • Partner Stunts and Transitions - Great classes for both areas. UCA partner stunt training teaches you hands-on-spotting techniques. Even the coaches participate in the stunt, spotting, and qualification classes, and there are daily safety and spotting awards. UCA's cutting edge creative stunt transitions are guaranteed to get your fans on their feet. We will be offering beginner, intermediate and Elite stunt classes at all of our camps. 

  • Extreme Routine - Always a popular feature, Xtreme Routine expands on the new routine you just learned at camp by adding stunts, jumps, or tumbling to the last three 8 counts for even more fan impact at pep rallies, pre-game events, and halftimes.

  • Private Coaching - At UCA we know what a difference one-on-one instruction can make in your individual and team progress. Our staff is totally committed to getting to know every member of your squad in order to set realistic, yet challenging goals to ensure your camp experience is a memorable success. With performance demonstrations and hands-on instruction the UCA staff will guide you safely every step of the way.

  • C.L.A.S.S.Learn how to Create Leadership for American School Spirit Squads and coaches fill out worksheets so, from goals to grades, all maintain a like-minded focus throughout the year.

  • Pyramids - With the success of the open stunt workshops, we have pyramids and pyramid transitions with an open workshop format. This will give your squad the opportunity to personalize pyramid transitions with a UCA instructor.

  • Dance Class - Different levels available to fit you ! Dance to a different beat this season when you learn new drum cadence, choreography to incorporate with your band.

  • School Spirit Week - Join UCA in celebrating 40 years of Summer Camp and participate in Spirit Week! Each day of UCA Summer Camp is themed with a Spirit Week activity. Cheerleaders will love participating all week long in addition to learning the latest cheers, stunts and dances!

  • Coaches Program - In addition to the classes for cheerleaders, we will be offering classes for advisors and coaches.  These classes will cover leadership games, supervising a cheerleading squad, including stunt techniques, safety training and administrative skills. These classes will usually occur during the morning of the second and third day of camp.  Specific times will be available at registration on the first day of camp.  Upon completion of our UCA coaches program  or completion of camp meetings, coaches will receive our coaching liability insurance (pending eligibility) One million dollar secondary liability insurance for coaches who are employed full time by the school or school district and be the coach or advisor for the school's cheerleading squad and must be 21 years of age. Coverage of credentialed members remains in force through August 31, 2015 subject to the renewal of the master policy.   Coaches will also be credentialed through our 5 Star Coaches Program.

  • Fifteen Elite & Regular Sessions - We will have both the Regular and Elite camps going on simultaneously for all fourteen sessions. You can split your squads without having to go to two different camp locations. Beginning stunts will not be taught in ELITE sessions.

  • All New Stunt Curriculum - Creative, visual transitions designed for all levels! Including braced flipping pyramids!

  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters & Team UCA - Our personalized mentoring program enables each of our staff to "adopt" a squad for closer attention. Then, using Team UCA bonding exercises, we unite them into a strong, cohesive team.

  • UCA Game Day Classes! - New pre-game ideas, cheers, and choreography keep pep rallies and school traditions fresh and energized. Learn offense, defense, and general sidelines with FUN contests and optional Fight Song! Each squad takes home a play-by-play booklet and planning worksheets.

  • Leadership Training - New and improved! Seniors and Captains will learn strong leadership and role model skills for life!

  • Jump Class - Conditioning and stretching exercises to master all jump types.

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