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What To Expect During Your Stay

Team Bonding - We are the only UCA camp in the country that is held at elite outdoor sleepover camp facilities.By living together in the cabins the cheerleaders really learn how to work together and communicate.


Safe and Secure Camp Environment - The major emphasis of our staff is to provide an outdoor camp setting that is safe and secure.  In line with that philosophy, we have a full time nurse, as well as, certified trainers on site 24 hours/day. Our camp rules are both clearly and effectively communicated to all who attend. Good common sense is applied to any situation that may occur with the health, safety and well being of every camper.


Cheer Safety - 102 strips of competition mats spread out at all three of our locations. Safety is our number one priority and these mats provide the ultimate in safety when we have to stunt inside because of inclement weather.


Private Coaching - Your own UCA Instructor will be assigned at registration.   This one-on-one attention lets you achieve new performance heights. Our Big Brother and Big Sister program provides each squad wonderful mentoring opportunities with our talented staff.


Xtreme Routine! - Add explosive stunts, jumps, or tumbling to the last five eight counts of the routine you learn at camp. Your UCA coach will help you put the new material together to create your own unique routine.


All New Stunt Curriculum - Creative, visual, transitions designed for all levels.


Dance Class - Learn new drum cadence choreography to incorporate with your band plus exciting "hip hop routines" !


Team UCA - Led by your Big Brother and Big Sister, this is where your squad comes together in their own unique way.


Leadership Training - New and Improved ! Seniors and Captains learn strong leadership and role model skills for life.


UCA Game Day Evaluations - All new stunt curriculum, Coaching workshop 2X


Jump Class - Conditioning and stretching exercises to master all jump types.

C.L.A.S.S. - Learn how to create leadership for American school spirit along with your coach.


All-American Program - All cheerleaders are eligible to try out.


Night Swimming - Cheerleaders love swimming after the night program is completed.


Evaluations - The emphasis is on achievement.  Cheers/stunts are evaluated only after private coaching and review.  No pressure to compete.


Talent Show - A Pine Forest Tradition ! (not mandatory)


Staff - Supplied by the Universal Cheerleading Association - the best in the U.S.A.


Camp Management - We are family run camp, and this separates us from all other cheerleading camps in the USA.  There will be a member of the Preschutti family at every camp, who will be on hand to assist you as you go through your four-day journey at all three Pine Forest Facilities.


Camp Store / Canteen / Pizza - The cheerleaders enjoy the small town atmosphere in "Jerry's Town !"


Fun - The emphasis is on providing a relaxed atmosphere where cheerleaders can really enjoy themselves without pressure to compete. Everyone learns and team bonding natuarally occurs without the pressure of competetion.

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