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Why Do Teams Return Year After Year?


Following is a list of qualities we consistently here from coaches and parents as to why teams keep coming back to our camp each and every year:

  • Camp Management -A member of the Preschutti family is available 24 hours a day at each camp site which means that if you have any type of problem during your stay you have a go to person on site. 

  • UCA Staff - UCA is the largest cheerleading organization in the country and all staff members go though extensive training  before arriving at camp. Due to our large staff we are able to offer three stunt classes at the same time which is a major factor when a team has different ability levels. The teams can be split to accommodate the ability level of each cheerleader.  Coaches also love our big brother and big sister program.  This allows for one of our staffers to get to know your squad, and make sure they leave camp with fond memories of the staff. 

  • Safety & Indoor Facilites -We have 102 strips of competition mats between our three facilities. If we should have inclement weather the cheerleaders will stunt on mats inside. And on nice days,  we bring these mats outside onto our spacious courts. 

  • Luggage -We move the luggage to the cabins for the cheerleaders upon arrival and we transfer it to your bus or car on the last day. The only item campers  need to carry is their pillow!

  • Food Service -The meals are served FAMILY STYLE to the girls by waiters/waitresses.  Fruit and Salad bars are also stationed througout our dining rooms. There is no limit on how much you can eat or drink, and we can accomodate various dietary concerns.  Finally, campers rave about the chocolate milk, a camp tradition!

  • Cabins - Unlike attending college/university or hotel/resort camps, coaches are not burdened with additional outside distractions.  All cabins are equipped with multiple private showers and lavatory facilities.  The cabins are clean, modern, and safe!  For those coaches wishing to stay in private quarters, we also offer separate housing facilities. 

  • Team Bonding - Cheerleaders live together in first class cabins for three nights. Great way to build up positive team chemistry for the season.  An experience you simply are not able to achieve at a university/hotel/resort camp. 

  • Camp Nurse -We have a nurse on staff 24/7. The safety of our cheerleaders is our primary concern and with that thought in mind If a cheerleader has a medical issue during the night or any time during the day we are able to provide immediate care. 



Testimonials From Our Coaching Family Members

On behalf of both the JV and Varsity from Northport we want to say thank you so much for another great experience! The girls grew and bonded as a team and we are so excited that we started our season off at the best camp there is! We can’t wait to be back for next year! We would love to come to Trails End again for the same session. Hope to see you throughout the year!!

Danielle Milazzo

Head Cheer Coach, Northport High School, NY

Your personal touch and our relationships are really the deciding factor in our decision to attend Pine Forest Camp every year.  We enjoy the hospitality from both UCA and the Preschutti Family especially

Jennifer Campbell

Head Cheer Coach, Middletown High School, DE

We have been taking our teams to Pine Forest Camp since 2004 and have always had a positive experience.  The UCA staff is always knowledgeable and so energetic to work with our athletes.   The Preschutti Family is very organized and makes sure we have everything we need for a successful stay.   There is nothing comparable to the team bonding that occurs at camp.  It is wonderful to see the different friendships develop and the team leaders emerge.   We are given an opportunity to perform in a laid back atmosphere and this helps us gear up for competition season.   I can't imagine starting a season without the camp experience. 

Lisa McNesby

Head Cheer Coach, St. Huberts High School, Philadelphia, PA

Robinson has been coming to this camp for over 12 years now, and I couldn’t imagine any other way to start our season. The team bonding that happens at camp is truly unique, the instruction by the UCA staff is top notch, but more importantly the fun family atmosphere that Jerry, his family and staff create is priceless.

Jocelyn Baptiste

Head Cheer Coach, Robinson Secondary Shcool, VA

Pine Forest is a family camp. It instills the same values that I as a coach do back at home with our program. It is a great atmosphere for young athletes to bond, learn, and grow as a team. The Pine Forest and UCA staff are always great to work with. Camp is something my team always looks forward to. It really sets the tone for the season and attending Trails End is always the best start.

Lauren Del Rosso

Head Coach, Hunterdon Central Regional High School

We have being going to UCA Trails End camp for 8 years.  It is always a new and exciting experience with the same original camp “feel” year after year.  It is nice to see the familiar faces of Jerry and his family as we pull up on day one.  We as coaches know the girls are safe and bonding as a team at night while working hard and learning challenging material during the day.  We feel as if camp starts off our year and enjoy every experience we gain during those 4 days in Jerry’s Town!

Kristin LaBarca

Head Cheer Coach, Springfield High Shcool, PA

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